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A Word on the Intentions of Kendrick Lamar

There are two kinds of bloggers in this world. There are the ones that write you warm and fuzzy shit that makes you feel like the gooey filling inside a toasted pop tart simply because they want to keep their followership happy (bitchassness if you ask me). And then there’s MFers like me – the ones that don’t give a floating fuck about your approval of their op-eds (you’re probably going to hate this one too as a matter of fact – but again, fuck you).

I write what I truly feel. And in the end, it has won me a lot of loyal supporters…and it has also lost me a lot of followers as well. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if one person remained subscribed to my blog – the fact is I cannot consciously write something that I don’t feel in my heart to be true – and so thus you have the tons brilliant shit I be writin’ to you all’s asses every other day. And today here comes another one for that ass.

And I’ll admit, the latest controversy has got me more in my feels than usual. Typically, I go on my rants on Facebook or Twitter…and then I cool off and go back to munching on Flammin’ Hots and watching amateur porn at my desk during work hours. But today, I felt like I need to use all of my writing superpowers to touch on something that definitely could use my two cents since everyone feels the need to pitch their pennies too.

The thing is Kendrick Lamar has become a trending topic. Which isn’t unusual – he puts out dope music and people are going to talk about it. However, this time around, K-Dot is trending negatively. And if you didn’t know any better, you would think he slaughtered a family of babies the way folks are talking about him at this very moment. But nawl – his crime against society? Expressing his personal preference for women with natural bodies.

Here’s what he said:

I’m so fuckin’ and tired of the Photoshop

Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor

Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks

Still will take you down right on your mama’s couch in Polo socks!”

And yo, I’m with him, so add me to your list of people to hate. I’m not a fan of surgically created asses and titties. I like all natural women. Even if the woman isn’t curvy, I still find myself more attracted to women with unaltered bodies. It’s no different than preferring food that is natural and not all processed because it’s going to make you sick and looks like shit when you eat it. And yes, I used that analogy. I’m not changing it. Fuck you very much.

A booty with stretch marks and scars is a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of – at least that’s what I took the line to be. I took it be a quick shout out to women who aren’t perfect. At the very fucking least, I viewed it as a preference (I mean damn, we are allowed to have those, right?).

But of course, not everyone took it that way.

Some took it as a thinly-veiled, subconscious, misogynistic comment based in male supremacy that once again is telling a woman how and what to do with her own body. And I’m just lookin’ at those that think this in the highest state of wonderfuck I’ve ever been in because I can’t wrap my head around how someone could take the time to extract negativity out of THAT particular line. It’s like trying to squeeze orange juice out of a sack of yams.

It’s reaching. It’s reaching like a MFer. It’s sitting at the edge of your bed and trying to plug your charger into the wall in the pitch black fucking darkness instead of getting your lazy ass out of bed kind of reaching. In fact, you’re reaching so fucking hard, you’re going to fall out of bed and flat on your face and still not have your wack ass Nokia phone plugged up.

And look, we all have the right to our opinions, but this particular controversy is not even really so much about Kendrick. It’s about how we take some of the very real problems that exist in our world  and twist them and fold them and rearranged them and stretch them all the way up to be damned and then try to apply them in situations that simply do not qualify.

Racism. Classism. Sexism. All very real issues. But I gotta keep it completely 100, y’all, many times, your arguments on these are weak, misinformed, and amount to nothing much more than a modern day witch hunt. And to be frank, I wish you’d stfu about a lot of this shit because all it is doing is hurting our cause. Not helping.

I have a mother, sister, daughter, and many, many other women in my life that I care about. I will never suggest that I can empathize with their struggles by simply being associated with them, but I damn sure can sympathize and move in my life in a way that attempts to be sympathetic to someone else’s mother, sister, daughter, etc.

Having witnessed the births of all my children and seeing the kind of things that women’s bodies endure, I can’t help but be a little biased in believing that there is beauty in the stretch marks of a woman because there is strength in those very same stretch marks. And damn it, I don’t give a damn what you decide to do with your own fucking body – plastic, Photoshop, make-up, whatever – but IF you decide to rock self via au naturale, then hot damn – that’s sexy as fuck – TO ME (and clearly to Kendrick) so let me (us) live!

I cannot ever say what someone is thinking in their head, but if I had to place any wagers on the thought processes of Kendrick Lamar, I’d probably bet on the fact that he was attempting to empower and voice his opinion about what he likes. But see, that’s where this is all fucked up.

I learned a long ass time ago that you should always give people the benefit of the doubt based on their intentions. The reasons you do this is because communication barriers and language differences and semantics will usually create an error in message accuracy. Basing your opinion solely on the chosen words of someone will almost always result in miscommunication. In Layman’s Terms, it means if you rely too much on what people say, you will always end up thinking the wrong shit.


Therefore, you instead should deduce what someone’s intentions are. To conclude such thing is much easier and more reliable than simply picking apart someone’s choice of words. If this would have been done with Kendrick, there would be no controversy. Because then we would all know that Kendrick is not trying to be an enemy to women. He’s not even trying to control them. Which comes to my final fucking point:



I even read a piece that suggested that fuckin’ on the couch with Polo Socks on is demeaning to women.

Are you fucking kidding me? Is there a candid camera somewhere? Am I being pranked right now? For real.

So we grown up and shit…but never fucked on a couch before? We all make sweet love on beds and with roses and candles and shit burning? Give me a gawd damn break. Stop it!
Just please make it known, I’m all for women’s equality and getting ahead, but I’m not for this 21st century Extreme Feminism shit. Be mad and disagree all the fuck you want, they’re not the same thing. They are two drastically different movements. Feel free to inbox me with your anger so that I can tell you about yourself. But trust me, today is not the day.

I’m sure this piece is going to be met with a lot of backlash. I’m sure the comments in the thread this ends up on is going to be filled with arguments for why critiquing Kendrick is ok. And yes, it is ok. We are all entitled to be critics of the world we live – particularly popular culture. I’m just saying that you are wasting all that good energy on the wrong motherfuckin’ thing. Kendrick Lamar is not your enemy.

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  • Mary Avinger

    I totally agree…. I don’t know WTF is wrong with some people’s way of thinking but that’s free speech for ya. You think someone would be happy a man likes a more natural woman – I for instance rarely wear makeup whereas my sisters wouldn’t be caught dead checking the mail without it. I guess to each his own. Now where is this K Dot at? I got a whole bunch of naturalness for him lol jk 😉😉

    • I agree. Just ridic. I just wanna leave this space and time where everyone whines about the littlest damn shit.