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Hip Hop is Alive and Well

Picture Credit: Brian Micheloe Doss

I keep seeing that Hip Hop is dead.



I guess a lot of this so-called near death experience can be blamed on the popularity of Mumble Rappers, but the idea that Hip Hop is dead or even dying couldn’t be further from the truth. This fear is merely old school heads who are used to listening to Boom Bap and the fact that they’ve started to freak out at the thought that Hip Hop culture and music has evolved to new spaces beyond a simple kick & snare.

The truth is Hip Hop is more alive than it has ever been. And we can thank the evolution of the elements for this new breath of life.

Back in the day, Hip Hop was based on just Rap, B-Boying/Girling, Graffiti, and DJing. These were the original creative elements of Hip Hop. They were the four expressions of urban life. And what some don’t realize is that these elements have expanded. There are new Hip Hop elements. In fact, I’d argue any creative expression about life in the hood is now considered a Hip Hop element – to me at least.

That goes for stand-up comedy, street basketball, even fashion. All of it is influenced by the various urban cultures in America. And each influence each other.

So. No. Hip Hop is not dead. Hip Hop isn’t dying. Hip Hop isn’t even dozing the fuck off. Hip Hop is up and lit and live as fuck. And it owes all of its energy to the rise of new elements within the culture.

Long story short: Mumble Rap may have taken a position in our world, but decades of influence have led to the growth of the culture in so many different aspects that we would never have thought.

Long Live Hip Hop.

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